About me

Hello! I’m Txell, the traveler behind Whereismykiwi.

My passion for traveling began when I was very young, as I started camping with my parents and my brother in different places in northern Spain. From there, we would explore the nearby villages, try their local cuisine, and discover their nature.

Later, thanks to my skills as an artistic roller skater, I participated in several Spanish Championships that took me to Alicante, Cantabria, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, and Navarra, as well as European Championships that took me to Germany, Belgium, and Italy. During this time, in addition to enjoying different cultures, I fell in love with the different languages I was hearing, sparking my interest in learning new languages.

On the slopes of Teide – 2023

As an adult, I started taking short trips around Europe using the Couchsurfing platform, and after finishing my degree, I did a 6-month Erasmus program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Before starting my search for my first professional job, I traveled outside Europe for the first time on a crazy and culturally shocking one-month trip to India.

With a steady job and more income in the bank, I began to embark on even cooler trips, like New York or Japan, until in October 2019, I set out to fulfill the lifelong dream of leaving everything behind and traveling for 14 months. I took a leave of absence from my job and went to see travel the world (then a pandemic hit, perfect timing). Personally, the pandemic didn’t bring much bad for me, as it was amazing to see the world how I got to see it.

On top of Kala Patthar (5.644m) - 2019
On top of Kala Patthar (5.644m) – 2019

Whereismykiwi was born in 2019, without great ambitions, to document that around-the-world trip and assist other travelers with my travel guides. Since then, to the extent I can, I continue to feed it with our traveling experiences.

Traveler’s resume

Elephant Mountain in Taipei - 2017
Elephant Mountain in Taipei – 2017
  • 1990: Andorra and France.
  • 1995: Portugal.
  • 1997: Switzerland.
  • 1998: Germany and France.
  • 2000: France, Monaco, Italy, The Vatican and Austria.
  • 2004: Switzerland.
  • 2006: Ireland and The United Kingdom.
  • 2008: France.
  • 2010: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and India.
  • 2011: United States and The Netherlands.
  • 2011-12: Finland and Germany.
  • 2013: Croatia.
  • 2014: Japan.
  • 2015: France, Portugal and The United Kingdom.
  • 2016: Germany, United States and Morocco.
  • 2017: Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
  • 2018: Denmark, Sweden and Colombia.
  • 2019: Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • 2020: Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, United States and Mexico.
  • 2021: Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia.
  • 2022: Canary Islands, Turkey and Dominican Republic.
  • 2023: Canary Islands, Romania, Bulgaria and Philippines.