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Toc de Gralla, run by a thrilled catalan married couple, is a tribute to their grandparents (you can see their B&W pictures hanging on the wall). Those who would walk through the Pyrenees to find good pastures for the cattle and would cultivate the fields with seasonal vegetables.

In their sarró (typical Catalan bag) they would bring a gralla (Catalan air instrument), which would play at brakes, along with some bread and tomatoes, cheese, cold meat and homemade wine. This is the kind of food you’re going to find here, typical Catalan country food. A wide variety of cheeses, cold meat, salads and wines.

The place brings you back to your grandparents country home, when the house decoration were wheat and flowers, dry chillies and corn cobs, pines and pumpkins... It has a rustic atmosphere, but all the little lights make it quite romantic.

Great idea, I thought it was, the little wine tasting we had in the beginning (for free) to decide the kind of wine we were going to have. They offer wine glasses for 2€ ($2.5).

Here’s what we had. Torrada menorquina amb mel Toasted slice of bread with "sobrassada" and honey (7.9€ - $9.7). Sobrassada is a type of cold meat typical from the Balearic Islands.

Varied cheese table (15.9€ - $19.5). Be ready to eat, this is suppose to be the SMALL table, and which is more than enough for two people!

Some more pictures of the place:

So, our dinner for two cost: 36.2€ ($44.5):

  • 1 Torrada menorquina amb mel (Toasted bread with “sobrassada” and honey)
  • 1 Varied cheese table
  • 3 Glasses of wine
  • 2 Bread with spread tomato

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