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The name of this restaurant refers to a small Japanese cart, which typically sells ramen or other hot meals. The name means “food stand”, literally, and it is exactly the first thing you’ll see when you enter the place.

Once inside, it instantly transported me back to a tavern I once was in Japan. The open kitchen on the right side, the smell of barbecue, those unique seats made out of plastic boxes where you can store your belongings…

And it didn’t disappoint me at all, it was exactly like being back in Japan. Takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (the japanese “pizza”), taiyaki (the fish-shaped dessert) or kakigori (the snow ice cream) are a few examples of what you’ll find in the menu. Typical Japanese street food at a great value for money.

The restaurant, which is run by Japanese cook Kenzo Koketzu and his brother, opened in 2015 after a successful takeaway place they first opened in Sitges in 2011, Yatai Sitges. It has a nice atmosphere and cool decoration which you can stare at for a few minutes.

Tip: if you have the chance to go during the week for lunch they have an amazing and economic menu which consists of a main dish accompanied with miso soup, rice, tsukemono and salad, where miso soup and rice are illimited!

Here’s what we had. For starters we ordered Takoyaki Balls (4.80€ – $5.9):

Yatai - Takoyaki

Ebi Furai (7.80€ – $9.6):

Yatai - Ebi Furai

As a main dish we ordered Okonomiyaki with squid and shrimps (7.5€ – 9.2$):

Yatai - Okonomiyaki

And one of their specialties, Salmon Teriyaki (6.80€ – $8.4):

Yatai - Salmon Teriyaki

To drink we had a couple of tap Asahi (1.90€ – $2.3) and a bottle of water (1.5€ – $1.8).

In the menu you can also find a wide variety of Yakisoba, Donburi (bowl of rice with garnish) and Kare Raisu (Japanese curry).

I love to finish a meal with something sweet, and as much as I love Japanese cuisine, they have no clue about sweet desserts, in my opinion. Strawberry mochi and snow ice cream would be the exception. BUT! In Yatai, they stuff with chocolate what would typically be stuffed with red bean in Japan!!!

So, we ordered the popular Taiyaki (3€ – 3.7$), the fish-shaped little cake filled with chocolate. Unfortunately I was too eager to eat it and forgot to take a picture!

In the desserts menu you’ll also find the popular Mochi (2.5€ – 3.1$), Dorayaki (3€ – 3.7$) (Doraemon’s weakness) and Kakigori (4.5€ – 5.5$), the snow ice cream made with the rudimentary machine you see on the picture below:

Yatai - Kakigori

So our lunch for two cost us 35.20€ ($43.3):

  • 1 Takoyaki
  • 1 Ebi Furai
  • 1 Okonomiyaki
  • 1 Salmon Teriyaki
  • 2 Asahi beer
  • 1 Water
  • 1 Taiyaki

Some more pictures of the place:


We will definitely go back!

Restaurant location

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